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I love products, I love people, I love organizational culture.  I thrive at the intersection of these disciplines, working closely with individuals and organisations who share my vision.

At the core of my endeavors lies the commitment to developing organizations that prioritize both products and people. Join me on this exciting journey of building product-centric and people-centric organizations that drive success.

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Coming Summer 2024
Orgsanisation as a Product

In "Organization as a Product," I present a visionary approach to organizational management, drawing parallels with the principles of product development. This book is an embodiment of my belief that organizations, much like successful products, require meticulous crafting, management, and continuous refinement. The focus extends beyond merely satisfying external customers to equally valuing the needs and experiences of internal stakeholders - the employees. My experience in managing complex systems as a Product Manager and Leader has led to a profound realization: the same principles that drive successful product management can be transformative when applied to the structure and dynamics of organizations.

Central to this book is the concept of customer-centricity, a theme that I expand to include employees as essential customers of the organization. This represents a significant paradigm shift, advocating for leaders and managers to view their employees as internal customers whose satisfaction and engagement are crucial. By adopting this perspective, organizations can deliver greater value not only to their external customers but also create a more fulfilling and engaging environment for their workforce. My goal with this book is to guide leaders and managers in transforming their organizations into agile, innovative entities, prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of every member, and fostering a resilient, employee-focused, and customer-centric culture.

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Hi, I'm Marcel Semmler, a leader and innovator passionate about shaping the future of product management, leadership and digital transformation. With a journey spanning across various product & leadership roles at allyve, etracker, and Bauer Media Group, I've dedicated my career to driving a product-driven culture and implementing customer-centric strategies.

Beyond corporate leadership, I am deeply involved in coaching and guiding potential founders, helping them to launch and elevate their innovative ideas into successful ventures. As a speaker, blogger, and creator of online courses, I'm committed to sharing insights on leadership and fostering a thriving product culture. Join me in unlocking the potential of innovative product management and making a positive impact in the digital world.

Hi, I'm Marcel Semmler

Unlocking the Power of the Product Organisation for Success

Talks & Key Notes

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