Hello, I’m Marcel Semmler.

I love products, I love data, I love organizational culture.

Working in the areas of product, marketing and data with different Software-as-a-Service companies (i.a. etracker, allyve, RadioScreen/SonoBeacon), I found my passion is the interface between those disciplines and the people that help to build this. That’s why I developed my concept of a ‘Shared Product Mindset’ as a foundation of a product-driven company culture.

My most important goal is to create spaces and an environment in which everyone can work freely, autonomously and creatively and do their best. Great products and services will be build along the way.

Since 2015 I am in various roles at the digital media company Bauer Xcel Media,
lately as Chief Product Officer (CPO) and member of the executive board.

At the end of the day, I want to say, “Today I learned something new and changed things for the better.”

#Product Lover. #Data Junkie. #People Enthusiast.
#Organizational Developer. #Speaker. #Blogger.


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