Hello, I’m Marcel Semmler.

I love products, I love data, I love organizational culture.

Working in the areas of product, technology and data with different Software-as-a-Service companies (i.a. etracker, allyve, RadioScreen/SonoBeacon), I found my passion is the interface between those disciplines and the people that help to build this. That’s why I developed my concept of a ‘Shared Product Mindset’ as a foundation of a product-driven company culture.

My most important goal is to create spaces and an environment in which everyone can work self-organized, autonomously and creatively and do their best. Great products and services will be build along the way.

From 2015-2020 I worked in various roles at the digital media company Bauer Xcel Media, lately as Chief Product Officer (CPO) and member of the executive board. Since 2020, I am Operations Director – Imagine Programme at the Bauer Media Group, co-heading the cultural, organizatonal and digital transformation of the publishing business.

At the end of the day, I want to say, “Today I learned something new and changed things for the better.”

#Product Lover. #Data Junkie. #People Enthusiast.
#Organizational Developer. #Speaker. #Blogger.


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